Nautical Expedition: Nautica Black Sail Fall/Winter 2013

Tweet  New York, February 10, 2013 – Exploration is going to be a huge trend in menswear for FW13 and who better to grab hold of the helm than Nautica? Nautica’s Black Sail Fall/Winter 2013 collection was one of the coolest FW13 menswear collections to come out of New York. First off, this isn’t your dad’s […]

So Fresh & So Clean: NAUTICA Spring/Summer 2013

Tweet  New York, September 12, 2012– Nautica puts out another nautical inspired collection? Fancy that. You have to admit, there’s definitely something to be said about sticking to what you know best. The Nautica Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is no exception. Inspired by the vibrant colors of the open seas, underwater prints and patterns are infused into shorts […]

NAUTICA’s Iconic Watermen Fall/Winter 2012

Tweet  Sailmakers, dockhands, admirals, and coastal prepsters were the inspiration for Chris Cox’s NAUTICA Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. These iconic watermen of the northeastern American coast  are natural muses for the nautical brand. The collection is anchored in navy blue and white with pops of red, green, and yellow particularly in the outerwear. Fabrics ran the […]

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 – Day 2

Tweet Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and New York’s late summer weather goes a little bipolar.  From cooler temperatures and light rain to 90% humidity and intense sun – we’re getting a taste for it all.  The day started very rock ‘n roll with Emerson, got nautical-prep on the rooftop of the […]

The Peacock Has Landed: Über Statement Sports Coat

TweetThey are bold, they are in-your-face, and they are definitely not for everyone.  I’m not talking about plaid, check, gingham, or tweed sports coats.  In an effort to bring man one step closer to becoming a peacock, vibrant pattern-drenched fabric befitting of your grandmother’s finest curtains have been fashioned once again into sports coats.  Tom […]

Braided Men’s Belts Aren’t Just For Seniors

TweetA tribute to the 1990s or to the senior citizens of Florida – the braided leather belt is making a huge comeback for men this coming season.  Many of the fashion houses, particularly the Italian ones, accessorized their Spring/Summer 2011 Collections with braided and rope styled belts.  Also known as woven or plaited belts, they […]