VIDEO: John Galliano Opens Up On Charlie Rose

John Galliano Charlie Rose

Tweet  New York, June 13, 2013 – The acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist Charlie Rose engages the worlds best thinkers, athletes, entertainers, and business leaders on over 200 PBS affiliates across America. Last night would be no ordinary night as PBS aired Mr. Rose’s coveted first televised interview in nearly two and a half years of disgraced […]

1930s Flair: John Galliano – Men’s Fall/Winter 2012

Galliano FW12

Tweet  We’ve said it a few times this month and at the risk of repeating ourselves, we’ll say it once more: the thirties are back. Proper credit to the hit television show Boardwalk Empire for pulling a Mad Men and thrusting 1930s men’s fashion and styling onto us via HBO and Megaupload. This is Bill Gaytten’s second men’s […]

Christian Dior’s Haphazard Couture – Fall/Winter 2011

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011

Tweet  Unlike last season’s display of quiet humility of the ready-to-wear show, the “team effort” soldiered on without a designer at the helm. Under the guidance of Bill Gaytten, John Galliano’s long term design director, the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011 production was every bit what one has come to expect. With every detail […]

Gaytten’s Big Splash: John Galliano – Men’s Spring/Summer 2012

John Galliano SS12

TweetEver since the anti-Semitic rants of a bacchanalian John Galliano hit YouTube, the media have been enthralled with his story.  A Greek tragedy really, the drug abusing, selectively amnesic creative genius had appeared to have gone mad and in the process, lost everything.  Racist comments get you charged in France and John Galliano’s criminal trial […]

Braided Men’s Belts Aren’t Just For Seniors

Braided Leather Belts SS11

TweetA tribute to the 1990s or to the senior citizens of Florida – the braided leather belt is making a huge comeback for men this coming season.  Many of the fashion houses, particularly the Italian ones, accessorized their Spring/Summer 2011 Collections with braided and rope styled belts.  Also known as woven or plaited belts, they […]

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 – Men’s Top 20 Picks

Paris FW11 Top 20

Tweet Below is a list of the It’s All Style To Me Top 20 Picks (semi-alphabetical order) from the FW11 Men’s Collections Paris Fashion Week, January 19-23, 2011: 1) Acne – Jeans, Boots, and Mash-up Destination Themed Printed Shirts 2) Dior Homme – Jagged Neckline Sweaters 3) Dries Van Noten – Fur-lined Sports Jackets and […]