Terry Richardson for GQ: Emily Ratajkowski Photo Shoot

New York, October 16, 2013 – We figured that it was only a matter of time before Terry Richardson would be shooting feminism’s new poster girl (sarcasm), Emily Ratajkowski. Unless you were living under a rock this past summer, it was impossible to go anywhere without hearing Robin Thicke’s new track – Blurred Lines. The R-rated music video features the half naked Nickelodeon child star shaking, bouncing, and rubbing off Thicke and Williams and into her 15 minutes of fame.

GQ claims that 174 million sets of eyes have seen the bare-breasted minx and now her Oscar-worthy delivery of the word meow, has landed her a big movie role. Prestigious acting schools be damned. The riveting nude performance was all David Fincher needed to cast her as Ben Affleck’s mistress in his ultra-hyped adaptation of Gone Girl. It’ll be her first film role, but it’s obvious why Fincher was willing to overlook that.

Check out Emily riding things and touching herself in Terry Richardson’s photos for the November 2013 issue of GQ below. She also talks dating, or something like that, in the video above.

For more on the November GQ issue featuring Terry’s photos of Ratajkowski click here.

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