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Faded Soul

Toronto, October 28, 2012 – It seems like a new online fashion retailer launches with every passing month. More online retailers, more competition, better prices – sounds good. The question is, who to use and who to stay away from? Let us give you some advice. If you’re in Canada stay away from American online retailers that want to charge you high shipping costs and duties or tariffs on behalf of the government up front. They tend to overcharge and you have to chase them down for your refund. A refund that you’ll get anywhere between 30-90 days after your purchase and no proof that they paid the government anything. That was my experience with

Faded Soul is located in Canada and is nice enough to offer free ground shipping not only to Canadians, but to Americans as well. You won’t get nailed with duties, surcharges, or any other hidden fees either. I ordered a beautiful Nobis Cartel the 3rd parka (photo below) and was very satisfied with the navigation of the website, the order process, the shipping, and the final product. The only downside to the website is the limited selection. They have a good thing going and hopefully they can build on it by getting more of the high-end designers to join their selection of Hugo Boss, Nobis, and John Varvatos.

We had a chance to ask Faded Soul a few questions:

1) Faded Soul sounds like the name of an alternative rock band. Where does the name come from?

Hahah, it’s true, choosing the name for the store was a lot like choosing a name for a band. How do you come up with something that sums up who you are and what you represent. Chris, one of the owners came up with the name, he was thinking about how fashion has evolved. The lines that have always defined the divisions and rules of fashion have faded. You can wear a blazer with a graphic tee, Diesel jeans, and Varvatos combat boots. That is where the Faded part came from; the fading away of what once defined fashion. The Soul part, well that has to do with the role fashion plays in expressing who you are, your soul. It’s also just a word he likes to use a lot… Maybe too often. There may also have been some psychoactives involved in the name choosing process…

2) You guys have a wealth of experience in retail. What made you get into the very competitive online retailing business and why now?

Our online store is only a couple of years old now; we literally started it after work one evening while siting around having a beer and discussing how to better offer our products to a larger audience. The world of retail is going through major changes, we’re moving towards a single global market, and building an online store just felt right. We had no idea what we were getting into as far as workload was concerned, we had to learn to do business in other markets, with little to no knowledge of what was involved. It was the blind leading the blind in all honesty! We have a physical location (Swartz Fine Fashions) that has been here for 107 years and counting, so mapping our local market was a no brainer, but would it work on a larger scale? To make a very long story short, we decided to believe in what we have been doing all these years and follow our Northern heritage, keep doing what we do best and what got us to where we are today; staying true to what we know!

3) You may be the only online retailer with website wallpaper, but also a healthy balance of womenswear as well as menswear. Tell us about both – the wallpaper and the product mix.

The wallpaper just looks cool! Who doesn’t love wood paneling? I for one can’t stand boring looking sites, I know some people want to keep it clean and have all the focus strictly on the products, but I think an overall aesthetic is an important part of branding. If you share our aesthetic, and like the look of the site, it is probable you will like the brands and styles we sell.
It’s important to us to be able to serve both male and female customers. There is a common attitude and vibe running through all of our collections, regardless of gender.

4) My experience with Faded Soul is that less bells and whistles meant I could find exactly what I wanted very quickly and put my order through very fast without a glitch. From search to order, the process literally took only a few minutes. Plus free shipping to USA and Canada is a very nice touch. I am more incline to buy from you than others because of this. What are Faded Soul’s plans going forward?

Glad to hear you enjoyed the experience! We’ve spent a great deal of time working with our developers ( thanks Baobaz!) to make the website as user friendly as possible. It’s an ongoing process; we constantly revise the layout and features as we get feedback from customers. As far as the future is concerned we have big plans to expand our brand across the global market, and create more awareness and hype behind what we are doing. Our product offerings are only going to increase as we grow. There are so many great brands, designers, and collections available out there now days; we want to find the ones that we can really get behind and be proud to offer our customers.

Faded Soul

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