First Look: Greta Constantine Spring/Summer 2013

Greta Constantine SS13

Toronto, October 19, 2012Greta Constantine have traditionally been the darlings of Toronto’s Rogue Fashion Week circuit. This season however, the boys (Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong) have opted to move their Spring/Summer 2013 slot to a future date.

The duo finalized the decision while in Paris presenting their Greta Constantine Spring/Summer 2013 collection to international buyers. “In Paris, we had a eureka moment. The collection has already been bought by buyers and editors have already started to pull collection items for their resort and spring shoots. So why are we holding ourselves to a mid-October showing?” Asks Kirk Pickersgill.

For Kirk and Stephen, it’s also a matter of realigning the fashion show schedule with the delivery of merchandise.

“The fashion calendar has not yet evolved to capitalize on consumer interest,” explains Stephen Wong (we totally agree with him). “When shows were a trade event, the manner in which they were scheduled was logical. Nowadays, excitement stirs around the collection the days in lead up and following the show. Yet, for our customers, by the time they have the opportunity to purchase pieces of interest, they’re excited by the next season’s offerings. This season, a few weeks after the show, the pieces will be available in store.”

Information pertaining to the Greta Constantine SS13 fashion show in Toronto will be released at a later date. Luckily, they sent over a sneak peek of the collection for our readers. Enjoy!

Greta Constantine SS13 Greta Constantine SS13 Greta Constantine SS13 Greta Constantine SS13

Photos c/o: Greta Constantine

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