Dark Waters: Rochambeau Spring/Summer 2013

Rochambeau SS13

New York, September 14, 2012 – The problem with coloured lighting is that it’s a lot like looking through coloured glasses. Only with glasses, you can take them off. Not the case with coloured lighting. Rochambeau presented their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection in MILK Studios under dim green light last week. An honest attempt to relay their theme of dark folklore surrounding water throughout history, but brutal for taking photos. Challenging traditional notions of summer relating to sun and surf, Rochambeau chose to tap mythological interpretations of ‘water’ as a symbol of passage to the afterlife, departed spirits, and the mystery of death.

Treading through dark murky water, the label offered a 15-look collection with much of what we’ve already seen before. Wide brimmed hats, oversized Lanvin-esque silhouettes, and some God-awful harem pants. The accessories were nice, but as with the green light, were a distraction. Select pieces such as the rough cut jackets, wind coats, and historic map print apparel were actually very nice. The label shows a lot of potential in the dark avant-garde space and it’ll be interesting to see them evolve over the next few years.

Rochambeau SS13 Rochambeau SS13 Rochambeau SS13 Rochambeau SS13 Rochambeau SS13 Rochambeau SS13 Photos: Spiro Mandylor, Olympus Digital Photography

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