Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On vs. It’s All Style To Me

Veet EasyWax

Toronto, August 7, 2012– Earlier this year, Veet announced the Canadian launch of its most innovative hair removal product to date – the Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On. The global leader in depilatories says that this easy-to-use warm wax hair removal system is the first at-home product of its kind to be available in the Canadian market.

“Veet EasyWax™ delivers salon waxing results at home and is exceptionally easy to use, even for the first-timer,” says Nathan MacKenzie, Brand Manager, Personal Care, Reckitt Benckiser (Canada). “For many Canadian women, hair removal has become an important part of their beauty regimen and only professional results will do. It is with these women in mind that we created Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On.”

Veet EasyWaxWe thought we would put Veet EasyWax to the test. If it’s so easy, then clearly even a guy like me could work it right? Turns out it’s as simple as plugging the self-heating device in and rolling it on a beautiful model such as Kara. Plug the Veet EasyWax in and it automatically heats the wax cartridge to the perfect temperature in just 20 minutes. No need to make multiple trips to the microwave or handle jars of hot wax. The ergonomically designed roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply a thin layer of pink coloured wax in preparation for waxing. Apply one of the non-woven strips over the wax, give it a few seconds, then pull real fast. Clean the freshly waxed area off with a Finish Wipe and you’re done. EasyWax was very effective on even the shortest of hair (1.5mm and 0.3mm).

Veet EasyWax is formulated with natural beeswax and the same ingredients used in professional salon wax. The formula is gentle to use even on the most sensitive skin, and results in incredibly smooth skin for up to four weeks. Suggested retail price for The EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On Kit is only $29.99 with Refill Cartridges available for Legs/Arms and Bikini/Underarm for the suggested retail price of $13.99. Veet products are available at drug, mass merchants and grocery stores nationwide.

Creative Direction: Spiro Mandylor
Photos: Kevin Kinisky
Model: Kara 

In Association with Our Friends Veet Canada

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