Quarter Life Confusion: Power Ball 14

Power Ball 14

Toronto, June 15, 2012The Power Plant, Canada’s leading contemporary art gallery, hosted more than 1,700 guests last night in celebration of the gallery’s 25th anniversary. Centred around the bizarre theme of a Quarter-Life Crisis, the event managed to draw yet another great crowd. Unlike last year however, the installations fell a little flat. Crazy fiber-optic laser effects, wild wall projections, and a freaky room of fridges full of beer, candy, doll heads, vintage radios, and plastic eyeballs were replaced by  hanging piñatas, a giant swing, Range Rovers you can draw on, and pixilated cardboard pyramids.

The Serbian chefs were back with the big kahuna trying to pick up a pretty girl or two with his bison carving skills. DJs Alex Merrell and Diego Armand spun some pretty cool tunes throughout the night and the bar was well stocked with Kronenbourg beer, Appleton Rum, Perrier, and Skyy Vodka.

VIP guests and traditional media were treated to a live outdoor performance by Dragonette and preview of the new Soho House as the rest of us kids meandered about a common area watching the adults play from a distance. In fact, we didn’t even get an invite until the last minute this year. What gives? Scroll down to the gallery for more photos.

Photos: Spiro Mandylor, Olympus Digital Photography

Power Ball 14 Power Ball 14 Power Ball 14


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