Mark Zuckerberg: Styling a Hooded Billionaire


Toronto, May 17, 2012 – Is it time for the hooded bandit, Facebook billionaire boss Mark Zuckerberg to ditch his gangsta hoodie for something more sophisticated? When the 28-year-old wore a hoodie during a presentation to investors leading up to Facebook’s initial public offering, many accused Zuck of being immature. The message for many was that by dressing casually at such a monumental moment, it displayed an air of arrogance that told potential shareholders they didn’t really matter.

The country has been divided into anti-hoodie and pro-hoodie factions since. Some supporting Zuck’s sartorial choice as a symbolic one comparing him to the late Steve Jobs. It’s a style that represents independence, anti-establishment (yeah right) or possibly even rebellion? Others however, simply want to slap the spoiled brat silly.

Self-professed geekster Benjamin Nugent supports Zuck telling CNN, “When Zuckerberg wears a hoodie at a high-profile meeting, he’s saying: I am an artist, not a salesman. Salesmen wear suits because their job is to persuade, seduce, cajole; appearance is all-important. And the salesman’s first priority is profit, which, if you’re a Facebook shareholder, is the ethos you might wish to see in the CEO of the company you’re investing in.”

Nigel Barker of America’s Next Top Model fame and Maren Hartman, East Coast Content Director of trend analyst WGSN, give Zuckerberg a fashion makeover that brings the two schools to some sort of compromise. Thoughts?


Video/Photo: Reuters

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  1. Joshua Shier says:

    Hoodies are the uniform of highschool kids, skaters and rappers. Not adult professionals. After the age of 18, graduate that hoodie to a blazer. It has the same affect, and if you can rock a blazer, with the casual air of it being a hoodie….well, then you are one stylish man.

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