Self-Assured Canali – Men’s Fall/Winter 2012


Canali’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection is built around the self-assured man who effectively mixes leisure and classical pieces.  Double-breasted pinstripe suits with high gorges, turtlenecks, greys and blues with pops of teal, plum, red and emerald – clearly the canon for Milan FW12. Cigarette trousers with large cuffs of Etro patterned proportions impress. Their casual look contrasts well with cashmere overcoat and sports jacket combinations.  Glove popping, an emerging trend for FW11 spawned by designers such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin has been adopted by every FW12 collection showing in Milan and Canali is no exception.

Lush wool, velvet, Shetland cashmere, and touches of fur – luxury we expect from Canali. Accessories such as large scarves, socks, and pocket squares add pops of colour to a muted palette with classical shoes in suede and brushed calfskin and thick-framed glasses pulling everything together. One of the most luxurious and wearable on-trend FW12 collections to come out of Milan this month.

Canali FW12 Canali FW12

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