Style Tip of the Day No.72: The Made-To-Measure Suit

MTM STOTDRecently a client asked if we made bespoke suits and I answered, “No, we make made-to-measure suits.” The difference? A custom made suit where all of the details are uniquely designed for the client is a bespoke suit.  Made-to-measure suits are custom made suits where the client chooses from a limited set of specific styles and fabrics.  The suit is then made to the individual’s measurements. In either case, the end result is quite different than buying off the rack. It may cost a little more, but I recommend at least one made-to-measure suit in your lifetime. Chances are you may never want to go back to the rack!

Photo: Rugged Old Salt

Vincent Castellanos

Vincent Castellanos

Based out of Los Angeles, California, It’s All Style To Me welcomes men’s style expert Vincent Castellanos.  A personal men’s stylist, actor, and creator of, Vincent specializes in fashion and lifestyle for men.  Vincent’s ultimate goal is to educate the ordinary man in the art of dressing, grooming and lifestyle.  He’s been sharing his Style Tips for Men with our readers.

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