Dove Spa: Celebrating the Beauty of Real Women…and Men

Dove SpaToronto, December 6, 2011 – On Tuesday, Dove Spa hosted a special ‘Day at the Spa’, at their uptown location.  The complimentary event introduced several of the city’s most influential fashion and beauty bloggers to the various services and products offered by the spa. It’s All Style To Me was lucky enough to be one of invitees.

Personally, I’ve been using Dove soap exclusively since I was a teenager.  I only use Dove because a) it’s light on fragrance so it won’t clash with my cologne and b) it’s the only soap that doesn’t dry my skin out and cause it to flake.  Add Dove’s ingenious socially conscious real beauty campaign and extensive skincare R&D knowledge base and it wasn’t too difficult to convince me to go.  For starters, let’s get one thing clear.  The deal with Dove Spa is that it’s not a girl thing or guy thing – it’s a skin thing.  You may be surprised to find out that your skin is the body’s largest organ, so irrespective of sex or gender, you need to take care of it.

[cincopa AMIAUzqa5RxC] described the Dove Spa space best when it described it as, “designed to reflect clean, neutral and uncluttered spaces, with touches of luxury and indulgence throughout.”  The spa’s clean, minimalist, tranquil atmosphere is gender neutral so unlike some other spas that tend to be overtly feminine, there’s no reason for the men to feel intimidated.

Their philosophy is as simple as the ambiance – they want to make women and men feel more beautiful every day by inspiring them to take great care of themselves.  Before our first dove Spa treatment, we were all given a 15-minute scientific skin analysis to diagnose our skin type and condition. The skin analysis uses a highly sophisticated multi-dermascope allowing our Skin Care Expert to measure for oil, water, elasticity, and pigmentation levels in our skin.  Using this skin diagnostic, our Skin Care Expert was able to choose a treatment plan and the right Dove Spa products for us.

After the skin analysis, we changed into our robes and proceeded with the our facials.  A typical women’s facial will run you anywhere from $70-$100 depending on duration.  The men’s facials are pretty standard at $85 for 60 minutes.  And boy, do they feel amazing!  Janine spent a good hour plus massaging, cleaning, and hydrating my dry face.  In addition, I was treated to a men’s hand treatment ($30), which helped to hydrate my dry hands and nails.  Not only did the treatment clean the guck out of my pores and bring this bald head to life, it also relaxed the hell out of me.

Post-spa, Janine offered me a customized list of skincare products that would pick up where we left off.  Included were products for cleansing and toning, day and night, the eyes, the body, and masks and specialty items.  Janine promised an instant improvement after one facial treatment, but it’s through repetition and a series of progressive treatments that one achieves effective and lasting results.  As men, we don’t typically do much in the way of stress release and definitely not much in the way of treating our skin.  You may want to consider hitting the Dove Spa even if it’s just once to try it out.  Just ask for the men’s packages – trust me, it’s worth it.  You’ll look and feel better after your first treatment.  You can find more information about Dove Spa and Dove Spa products at  In  Toronto, Dove Spa has four locations including: Hillcrest, the Kingsway, Yonge & St. Clair, and Oakville.  Check it out!

Gallery Photos: Dove Spa
Event Photos by Spiro Mandylor – Olympus Digital Camera

Dove SpaDove SpaDove SpaDove Spa

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