The Hudson’s Bay Unveils Canadian Olympic Team Apparel 2012

HBC Canada 2012Toronto, November, 2, 2011 – American retailer The Hudson’s Bay Company just unveiled the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team Replica Apparel that will outfit Canadian athletes at the upcoming Olympic Games in London.  Created by the Hudson’s Bay Company’s team of in-house designers, the inspiration for the Olympic 2012 collection was to represent the great outdoors and summer in Canada.

The Olympic collection plays on iconic Canadian themes finding inspiration in the uniforms of the Montreal 1976 and Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games.  The palette?  Traditional, consisting of maple leaf reds, northern whites, evergreens, blacks, and heather greys.  The result?  Passable bold and highlighted Canadian wordmarks, weak reworking of the maple leaf, and some God-awful garish boy scout patches.  Sadly, The Bay’s attempt to modernize elements from the original looks have come off more kitschy than fresh.

“Canada’s style has made a huge impression around the world and we want our Olympic designs to reflect who we are as a nation,” says Suzanne Timmins, VP Fashion Director, Hudson’s Bay Company.  “The look and feel of the collection captures our passion for the outdoors and Canada in the summer.  It’s this same passion that our athletes show in competition, and we couldn’t be more proud to have the opportunity to help them look their best as they prepare to do their best.”

The Bay Olympics London

Granted, sports collections aren’t exactly meant to be runway ready-to-wear, but these uniforms hardly live up to envy of the world.  Since Roots, the Canadian Olympic outfits just haven’t been the same.  Sure, The Bay scored a home run with their red Vancouver Olympic mitts, but there hasn’t been much beyond that.  They mean well and at $15 to $100, their pricing is very reasonable.  This ensures that any Canadian can join in the Olympic fever which is pretty cool.  For the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Canadian Olympic Team will consist of approximately 320 athletes and 250 support staff and unfortunately, they’re going to have to wear this stuff.

The full collection is attainable for would-be supporters from coast-to-coast, and makes an ideal gift for the holidays.  Plus, the Hudson’s Bay Company is also launching a special winter collection inspired by the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team summer line.  The official Olympic wear is now on sale in all locations of The Bay, Zellers, and online at, so everyone can show their support for our Olympic athletes.

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  1. YAY at least at this olympics our athletes wont be hanging their heads in shame. These uniform replicas look like something we’d all like to wear!

  2. Are you kidding me? Olympic clothing used to look so much nicer when ROOTS designed them.
    Now, I really don’t care to own one. I will find another way to show my support our Canadian athletes.

  3. Omg, I honestly think The Bay is trying to make our Canadian Athletes
    Look bad since they are American owned now.
    The looks are cheap, they have been done before and look horrible.
    Mitts don’t make the outfit. I’m disgusted, get a CANADIAN
    Company to design them and if it was a Canadian who helped my guess is
    he or she had not much say or budget to work with


  4. Displaced Cannuk says:

    It will be sad when when you are one of the worst dressed at a ball that is going to be seen by the world. Canada We haven’t looked good at the dance since we had the uni’s with backward caps. They must have been good the yanks copied them for the following games

  5. I hope these olympic were made in CANADA and not in CHINA like the US outfits..

  6. These uniforms aren’t fit for our great athlete to wear, I agree with the other comment that these uniforms made by an american company are trying to make our canadien athletes look shabby. Our uniforms should be designed by a canadien & made in Canada i am so proud to be a canadien and so are our athletes

  7. NANA BROWN says:


  8. sally mcbride says:

    we seem to have forgotten what the colors of our nation mean::: 1. white is for purity, 2. red is for courage…
    3. blue is for truth. we have long forgotten that blue means truth in canada.
    i am not particularly enamored by this design of olympic clothing….it is far too ‘out there’ clamoring to
    be noticed. olympic clothing should be made up of the three colors of our great nation and in a design
    that is somethimes called ‘traditional’. .. because flambouyant we are not!!!

  9. Brogan Mcleod says:

    You people need to take a chill pill. It’s about time we took the Olympic uniforms into the year 2012… enough with the blazers, neckerchiefs, and silly caps, we are going to be the “cool” of the games. It’s fitting, since Canadians or neither showy or arrogant in their patriotism, we have a humble pride in our nation. A jean jacket looks good on anyone and I think other countries are going to be envious of the easy-going style and comfort displayed here, not to mention that great, sleek track suit! Sleek and stylish without being overdone. Black also looks good on everyone. It’s youthful and different… I love it! Have you seen the US uniforms?? Nothing says USA like a French beret. Even Will Ferrell made fun of it on David Letterman. Their whole uniform looks ridiculous… like preppy French private school kids. Nah.. I’ll take the Canadian outfits any day!

  10. wow what is wrong with them ??? chill the F*ck out. Saying America is trying to make us look bad on purpose ? You guys are nuts. I’m in the USA now with my American wife and as soon as she saw Canada come into the Olympics she went searching online to find the jacket they were wearing so she could buy one. We could be wearing what the Czech were with their rubber boots and 80’s style spandex.

  11. “Oh, Canada. Our neighbors to the north stroll the stadium in an uninspired khaki and zip-up jacket combo. Ultimately, the Canucks look more like Gap employees at a retail pep rally than world class athletes prepping for the greatest competition of their lives. Throw this look back on the sales rack, please!” – E! Channel’s Fashion Police

  12. “Canada’s one of the only countries that opted to put their country’s name on their uniform. The choice was a little tacky and dated.” – Yahoo UK

  13. Nola Rowland says:

    I think our Olympic clothing looks cheap. Exactly what a person would buy at Zellers or the Bay or Value Village. Surely there is a Canadian Designer that would be able to design some classy outfits so that our Olympian athletes stand out.

  14. Edward Heyes says:

    TERRIBLE……….Roots Help!


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