Go Forth…Riot Is The New Rave


Rioting has become cool.  The new rave, if you will.  It’s the mantra of a young generation fed up with authoritative Middle Eastern regimes that suppress civil liberties and impotent leadership from first world governments that cater to bankers and corporations.  For others, it’s their team losing in the Stanley Cup Finals or as one person tweeted, “fighting for an iPhone 4 and a copy of Call of Duty.”

Irrespective of justification, the youth have found their voice and learned to make a fine Molotov cocktail in the process.  No surprise that some in the fashion industry, being the clever little capitalists they are, have jumped on the insurrection bandwagon to win the kids over.  The latest being Levis, which has just launched  a seemingly pro-riot European ad campaign titled, Go Forth (see video above).  Not the first, but likely the most blatantly supportive of the new riot trend.  Other early adopters include fashion editorials by VMAN Magazine, Venere TVM, and Fiasco Magazine, even a DSquared2 Men’s FW10 Collection.  Why let a little thing like ethics get in the way of making a buck?  Only problem, how are these kids going to buy anything if they’re locked up or worse?

Riot Fashion

VMAN Magazine #22- Before The Fall by Sharif Hamza

FGR Protest Editorial

Nienke by Dirk Kikstra for Fashion Gone Rogue

Riot Fashion

Shot for Venere TVM by toniolombardi.com

Riot Fashion

Paramore CD Artwork

Riot Fashion

Fiasco Magazine - Black Block White Riot

Riot Fashion

DSquared2 Fall/Winter 2010

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