Fulton Umbrellas – Spring/Summer 2011


Richard Igra’s grandfather may not have invented the umbrella, but the company that bears his name sure has perfected it.  Founded in London, England in 1956 by mechanical engineer Arnold Fulton, Fulton Umbrellas started as a modest operation that has grown to become the gold standard in umbrellas and rainwear accessories.  In fact, the company holds a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen of England and is the official umbrella supplier to the British Royal Family.

They remain a family business, owned and operated by successive generations with Richard Igra presiding over the Canadian Division.  “Much of the brand’s success can be attributed to three things:  fashion, quality, and attention to detail,” stated Igra at the launch of the spring/summer 2011 line at Toronto’s trendy Distillery District.  Fulton was the first to commercialize the folding and automatic umbrellas that we see everywhere today.  Their designers are based in the UK and frequent Paris and Milan during fashion week seeking inspiration and harmony with seasonal fashion industry trends.

Fulton Men's

Fulton Men's Umbrellas - Governor & Knightsbridge-2

The umbrellas don’t only look good, they are durable and lightweight made from state-of-the-art materials that contain almost no metal components.  Igra takes pride in revealing that every handle, frame, and fabric is produced in-house leaving nothing to chance.  “They are virtually indestructible,” he says and there is a lifetime warranty on every umbrella sold to back this.

With prices ranging from $19.99-$80.00, this season’s collection comes in a very affordable wide spectrum of patterns and colours for women, men, and children.  Featured models for men this season include folding classics such as the Ambassador ($28) and City Strip ($40), stylish long umbrellas such as the Knightsbridge ($48) and Huntsman ($38), and for ‘more serious strollers’ there is the Commissioner ($48) and the Consul ($60).  Golf umbrellas are big sellers for Fulton, with the Technoflex ($38) and the Stormshield ($48) featured for SS11.  If you’re looking for something a bit more 10 Downing Street, you might want to try Fulton’s Minister ($80).  It’s dubbed their ‘ultimate men’s umbrella’ and is available in classic black, featuring a fine Italian leather handle with hand-stitched detailing.

“If you need a new umbrella, you should buy the best, and the best is Fulton.”  This was my sister’s advice six years ago and I’ve been a believer ever of the brand since.  If there was one suggestion for Richard, albeit not the most feasible one, it would be for Fulton to offer some of the more exotic women’s Etro looking designs in the more rugged men’s umbrella so that we too can have an umbrella that we can turn into a statement piece.  Fulton umbrellas are available at The Hudson’s Bay Company (The Bay), Sears, Ogilvy, Harry Rosen, Simon’s, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, and many other independent retailers.  Set aside enough time to browse through their vast collection because as I learned, it’s impossible to narrow down your selection to just one.  For Fulton Canada SS11 event photos please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

Fulton SS11

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  1. Interesting, just found out your site by searching google and this article is exactly what i was looking for. Could you please tell me whether you have an rss feed for this site? I would like to add this site to my rss feed reader, so i’ve looked for the rss icon but cannot seem to find it…

  2. It’s there Lonnie. Look for it at the top right where it says, “POSTS”. You can subscribe to the RSS for both posts and comments.

  3. Daniel Russell says:

    Hello. I love the look of these, and have checked the websites of the retailers you mention in your post (so much as I have been able), but have not had any success in finding the umbrellas. Do you have any other suggestions where a waterlogged American might look?

  4. Hi Daniel,

    You can purchase Fulton umbrellas online at

    Alternatively, you can contact their North American office toll-free. They should be able to help:
    Toll Free Number: +1 877 583 1950 (Canada & US)
    Email: info@fultonumbrellas.ca

  5. Daniel Russell says:

    Okay, great! I wasn’t sure whether they shipped to the US, or not, since they only have the UK listed in their menu.

    Thanks a lot!


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